Arbroath Artisan Golf Club and Arbroath Golf Links Ltd. are two separate businesses. Arbroath Artisan Golf Club is a private members club and if you are a playing member of the Golf Club then you must hold an Arbroath Golf Links Ltd. Membership Green Fee ticket. For details of Golf Links membership see Links Membership page in Arbroath Golf Links section.

Membership is Annual and runs from 1 st January to 31 st December. New membership in all categories is available and no joining fee is currently payable. There are various forms of Membership of the Golf Club, both for playing and non-playing participants, as outlined below.

Membership application forms can be downloaded here and should be sent to the Secretary.


Adult Male / Female : £224.25 / £221.25

Senior Male / Female : £174.25 / £171.25 (*) 

Male / Female 18 - under 25 on 1st Jan : £95 / £95

Junior ( Under 18 on 1st Jan ) : £30.00 

Juvenile ( Under 16 on 1st Jan ) :  Free

Adult Male / Female ( country ) : £174.25 / £171.25 (#)

Non-Playing : £25.00  (+) 

Membership application forms can be downloaded here, either in Word or PDF format.

Your application should be sent to:

The Secretary, Artisan Golf Club, Elliot, By Arbroath, Angus, Scotland, DD11 2PE



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    Constitution 6.2 :"Any adult on drawing UK State Government Pension shall become a Senior Member on the 1st January             following receipt of such pension."

* A Senior Male is currently aged 65 and over, a current Senior Female is 63 and over and  born before 6th August 1953.

# A country member must reside greater than 40 miles from Arbroath.

+ A non playing member is someone who does not take part in Club Competitions and does not hold a full or partial  Arbroath Golf Links Membership Green Fee Ticket.

All above fees include SGL and (mens) ACGA levies.

All fees above include £20 Bar Levy  except Non Playing, Juvenile and Junior's.

Lockers  are charged at £20 per annum subject to availability.


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