BAR HOURS Winter Hours (effective from 19 Sept 2016)
        TUESDAY              Closed
        WEDNESDAY       10 am  -   4 pm
        THURSDAY           ClosedlosedClosed
        FRIDAY                10 am  -   4 pm & 8 pm - 11.30 pm
        SATURDAY           10 am  -   6 pm
        SUNDAY               10 am  -   6 pm  (1st Sunday each month; close 11 pm)

These hours are to be flexible depending on visiting parties, meals and Private Function bookings etc. but only after arrangements are made with the Bar Manager.
Please note the Bar Manager will have discretion to close the bar earlier under certain circumstances, including but not exclusively during periods of poor weather where it is deemed unlikely that any members will use the bar. 

coffee is always available from the machine

Saturday / Sunday it is advisable to book high teas and meals
in advance call: 01241 872069. 


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