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Arbroath Golf Links and Arbroath Artisan Golf Club are two separate businesses. Arbroath Golf Links is owned by Angus Council and is operated by the Arbroath Golf Links Limited (a Company Limited by Guarantee). The members of the  Company are Arbroath Artisan Golf Club (reperesented their appointed directors) and  Angus Council (represented by their appointed directors). 


Adult, male / female (full ticket) : £290  

Senior, male / female (full ticket) * : £255

Senior, male / female (5 day ticket, course only) * : £220

18 -  under 25 **  (full ticket) : £255

18 - under 25 **  (full ticket) SPECIAL  DEAL  : £110 if also taking out Artisan Golf Club Membership at £75 + £20 bar levy.

Junior, male / female (Under 18 Years Old) :£105

Juvenile, male / female (Under 16 Years Old) : £65

Juvenile, male / female (under 12 yrs old) accompanied by an adult green fee member may play free of charge (non peak times only)

Special - adult male / female + under 16 juvenile ticket : £290

Adult Male / Female (country) : £290

* A Senior male is currently aged 65 and over, currently a Senior female is aged 63 and over and was born before 6 th August. 1953.

** Under 25 on 1st January 2017

Note: Concession tickets are not available to Junior or
Juvenile ticket holder

Membership is open to all golfers irrespective of place or country of residence. Membership of the Arbroath Golf Links runs from 1st January to 31st December and allows you to play on the golf course, but does not entitle you to the use of Arbroath Artisan Golf Club, (membership of the Golf Club can be taken out separately). For details of "Club" membership see Club Membership page in Artisan Golf Club section .

   *   "Any adult on drawing UK State Government Pension shall become a Senior Member on the 1st January   
          following receipt of such pension."

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